Map of connections between Web 2.0 companies and investors

Here are two new maps I created with Pajek (which unfortunately cannot display graphics as nodes) using the Crunchbase API. This time they are about the connections between a number of Web 2.0 startups by their common investors and between these investors.

If, for example, the same financial organization or person is investing both in Twitter and Tumblr, there is a link between those two companies. In this case there are even two companies, Union Square and Spark Capital investing in both of them (click to enlarge).

Connections between Web 2.0 companies

Of course, investments are made out of many different reasons. But I guess, with caution, you could interpret the map this way: people who believe that startup A has a great vision and could be successful, also feel the same way for startup B. What do you think?

If you look at the same data the other way around – best thing about two-modal networks is that you actually have two networks to examine -, you get a map of the connections between the investors. Two investors funded the same startup? Let them be connected by an edge (click to enlarge).

Connections between investors in Web 2.0 companies

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