See you later, Regator

Here’s another competitor in the market for more or less intelligent blog aggregators: Regator. While Technorati has become nearly unusable in the last few months, this new startup not only looks very neatly design – well, we could argue about the crocodilealligator, because in Germany, we once had a very infamous hit by “Schnappi, das Krokodil” – but also seems to deliver the right amount of pseudo-intelligence I’ve been missing in lots of other aggregators.

Regator Screenshot

Regator Screenshot

The screenshot displays how Regator shows the two latest posts on this blog. If you click on “Kinda related” (doesn’t sound too obvious btw), Regator shows a few entries that are also on this topic. And they definitely are more than just “kinda” related.

For example, my recent entry on McLuhan is connected with other blog posts that connect McLuhan’s thoughts with the recent developments in social media and one or two of those entries really gave me new thoughts, I would have liked to have known before I wrote the article.

Other features that are nice for this kind of service: you can rate posts up or down, there’s a list of hot topics, you can comment on the posts, you can create a hot list of your favorite blogs or channels etc. The only thing Regator does not offer is social network functions. You can’t add friends. Or rather: You don’t have to worry about reconstructing your network of friends on yet another platform. I like that. But it also means that there is no way to weighten ratings by people you trust.

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Comment (1)

  1. G’day Benedikt. Thanks for the write-up. Glad you like the site. We are glad you found our “kinda related” button on each post useful and accurate. It’s actually one of the more subtle features that really makes us different. The Kinda Related name was something that was used because 1) it is what it is 2) we couldn’t come up with something better and it stuck. We will be integrating more social services soon, we are firm that we do not want to be yet another social network as there are already too many, but from the feedback, we now have a good idea which way to go with that for maximum success. You can share with Twitter, Facebook and email right now. Wir sind keine Schnappi. Reg ist ein Alligator. 😉 Man back to English, I had to think way to hard about that. Cheers – if you or anyone has any questions about the site, please let me know

    Saturday, August 9, 2008 at 4:21 pm #