Towards a global database of social media marketing case studies

Which companies are using social media like blogs, social communities, internet forums or video/picture sharing for their marketing efforts? The first lists of case studies are being published right now on various blogs:

  • Peter Kim has a long list with over 300 brands’ social media efforts.
  • Then there are many case studies if you take a look at this category in Jeremiah Owyang’s blog.
  • Geoff Livingston has a selection of cases on his blog.
  • I collected German cases of social media marketing on my German language blog.

And now I’ve learned that Peter Kim and his community will publish the cases in “A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples“. Great idea! I will enter my cases when I have received my account for editing the wiki.

Anyway, what is still missing are numbers. There is a very lively debate on social media measurement (measuring influence, engagement, ROI etc.) going on – but there are no numbers, not even estimates in these lists at all. In my opinion, this lack of numerical evidence is what’s holding German companies back from spending more money for social media marketing. The BBS – big budget shift – will have to wait until we can offer the marketing executives a convincing story about which numbers for reach, engagement, performance they can expect in social media marketing. They know their numerical environment very well when it comes to TV or newspaper ads but this is not the case with social media. They have to be able to tell whether 5.000 installed widgets on Facebook are a success story or failure.

An important step will be international standards for measuring the different facets of social media. To encourage debate about definitions, standards and best practices, the German Social Media Association will host a “Social Media Measurement Summit” on 27 January 2009 in Munich, Germany. I’m looking forward to discussing these matters with you all in Munich!

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Comments (2)

  1. Dan Smith wrote::

    Thank you so much for the compilation.
    And don’t forget measures of internal social media use that, for example, show growth of social capital.

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 5:47 pm #
  2. Benedikt,

    There is another terrific list of social media examples and case studies here:

    And of course, I would like to add that we write about corporate (big business) social media case studies all the time as well at


    Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 12:32 am #

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